"Annie pushed the cloth in circles around the floor, cycling into herself in the neverending chore, as Sok spoke against soft music: all layers of the performance prompting nostalgia and heartache. "

Jean Lee, Culturebot

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"Heath shifts and morphs, from crawling to slowly rolling on the floor to vigorously undulating on all fours. The movement is frequently purposefully awkward, such as when she supports herself on the inside edge of her hand, her wrists splayed out like the pointed hooves of a sheep."

(Glenna Yu, The Dance Enthusiast)

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"Her very earthbound, yet intense rendering benefitted from her repetitive and nuanced approach."

(Walter Rutledge, Out & About NYC Magazine)

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Soft Landing 

A textual collaboration between Annie Heath and Sokunthary Svay,

Asian American Writers' Workshop, part of very peak summer solstice

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